6 Reasons to Be a Nurse in Pennsylvania

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Welcome to Pennsylvania road signIt’s good to be a nurse in Pennsylvania. Nurses and other health care workers are highly valued here. The Pennsylvania Center for Health Careers was created in 2004 specifically to lure more nurses and health care workers to Pennsylvania.

Here are some reasons you might consider moving to (or staying in) the Keystone State:

Location Nurses Employed Hourly Wage Annual Salary
Pennsylvania 128,750 $32.01 $66,570
Philadelphia 43,040 $35.66 $74,170
East Central Penn. 5,330 $30.47 $63,370

Reason #1: High employment of nurses

Pennsylvania is one of the top five states with the most employed nurses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 128,750 nurses worked in Pennsylvania in 2014. That’s almost 23 nurses per every 1,000 people. And there are over 250 hospitals in Pennsylvania, including 11 top-ranked hospitals in the U.S.

Reason #2: Jobs in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s largest metropolitan area, is a hotbed for nurses. This metro area, which includes Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties, ranks within the top 10 metros in the U.S. for employed nurses. And the average salary for RNs here is $74,170, or $35.66 an hour.

Reason #3: Jobs outside Philadelphia

Outside of Philadelphia, there are also many opportunities for nurses. East Central Pennsylvania, home to Lancaster, Harrisburg and York, is one of the highest nonmetropolitan areas where RNs work in the U.S. This metro area includes Adams, Franklin, Juniata, Mifflin, Montour, Northumberland, Schuylkill, Snyder and Union counties. Nurses here earn $63,370 annually, or $30.47 per hour, on average.

Reason #4: Cost of living

Your dollar goes a little further in Pennsylvania. The cost of living here is lower than the rest of the country. Housing is particularly lower, with the median cost of a home at $145,100. Health care costs are also lower than the national average.

Reason #5: Great place to live

Pennsylvania is also home to one of the most desirable places to live in the country. Bensalem in Bucks County was named one of the Top Places to Live by Money magazine. The township has a low crime rate, educated population, and is only 20 miles from downtown Philadelphia. Bensalem also has access to scenic state parks and many cultural activities.

Reason #6: Hershey

And lastly…because of chocolate! Hershey, Pennsylvania, also known as “Chocolatetown, USA,” produces over 80 million chocolate kisses every day. Now that’s sweet!

Keep on nursing!

Whether you’re interested in pursuing a nursing career in Pennsylvania – or anywhere else in the country – it’s important to continue learning. Here are additional resources to push your nursing knowledge and motivations to the next level:

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