7 Nursing Podcasts for the Busy Nurse

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Nursing PodcastsPodcasts are a great way to get all the information and updates related to the health care field without having to take the time out of your busy careers to sit and read a newspaper or an article.

We have provided seven nursing podcasts to tune into during breaks, in between shifts, after or before work! So unravel those headphones and tune into one of these invigorating podcasts:

Medscape Nurses Podcast

The Medscape podcast is a podcast done by nurses for nurses covering a wide variety of topics relevant to nurses. This podcast often covers the latest in medical news and noteworthy features in the health care field, in short, easy-to-digest episodes, perfect for the busy nurse on the go. There is no set frequency for the episodes released in this podcast.

The Nursing Show

The Nursing Show is a weekly podcast targeted toward nurses and nursing students. This show features in-depth discussions on relevant nursing topics circling the health care community. This podcast is sure to make your Mondays a little brighter!

Johns Hopkins Medicine

This weekly podcast provides up-to-date information on trending topics and medical advances in health care. Each episode, out on Fridays, is about 10 minutes long, which makes this podcast a top contestant for nurses on the go.

Nurse Talk

Nurse Talk puts a new spin on the nursing podcast world. The focus of this podcast is current events in nursing, hosted by two nurses, who add a humorous tone to the show. The light-hearted mood encourages nurses to relax and release some serious tension from their high-intensity jobs. This podcast provides clips of each episode in case you miss it, as well as the entire episode, usually only 30 minutes in length.

RN FM Radio

This very popular nurse radio platform discusses topics ranging from trending topics to interviews with notable nurses in the industry. Keith Carlson, host and blogger for Digital Doorway and founder of Nurse Keith Coaching, speaks from years of experience, and designed this podcast to speak directly to issues nurses care about.

Nursing Notes Live

The Nursing Notes website isn’t afraid to brag, “The audio companion to the award-winning Nursing Notes email newsletter.” With heavy-hitting interviews, updates on trending nursing topics, as well as panel discussions, this podcast discusses any and all topics, with industry experts. Tune in to Nursing Notes twice a month.

Evidence-Based Nursing

Looking for a more academically oriented podcast? Evidence-Based Nursing is right up your alley, featuring broken-down information about relevant medical studies and reviews for health care professionals. The website  has a ton of resources for the curious nurse who likes to be well informed. The podcast is published quarterly.

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