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Nurses wearing scrubs with clear identification badges.

Do Nurses Really Need a Dress Code?

Nursing uniforms have changed notably as the profession has advanced. Today, what a nurse wears is a component of the patient experience. Nursing uniforms through the ages In the 1800s and the turn of the century that followed, nurses strove to be viewed as legitimate, established professionals, bolstered by their significant role in caring for…

Nurse gives exam to man at home

What You Need to Know About Home-Based Nursing Practice

 Home-based medical care is growing in importance, and there aren’t enough providers to reach all who need it. According to the results of a University of Virginia School of Medicine survey published in Health Affairs, more than half of Americans live more than 30 miles from an agency that provides home-based care, indicating that there…

Doctor updates orders

When Nurses Question ‘Doctor’s Orders’

All nurses are aware of “doctor’s orders.” The expression is so much part of the general lexicon that it has crept into movie and pop song titles. But the meaning is more fully “obey doctor’s orders.” And it is universally understood that nurses are supposed to do just that. That understanding is the basis of…

Patient on scale reading obese

Nurses on the Frontline in the Battle Against Obesity

As crucial members of health teams who spend significant time with patients, nurses have a powerful role in fighting the obesity epidemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 38 percent of U.S. adults are considered obese, and panelists at the recent National Academy of Medicine meeting discussed the three-decade rise in obesity,…

Nurse brings breakfast to a patient

Done with the Graveyard Shift? Consider a Nursing Role with Normal Hours

Craving more stability? Tired of working when everyone else you know is asleep in bed? Whether your schedule changes each week or the hours you work are far from the standard 9-to-5, a nursing job with regular hours may be just the thing you need. Having a variable schedule — or one that includes hours…

Nurses work on a project

Should Nurse Managers Take Project Management Classes?

A 2006 study noted that four of every five health-care projects were failures and one of every three was never completed. A decade later, that study led by Rebecca Rutherford Kitzmiller is still cited frequently, as is the conventional wisdom that nurse managers are not taught project management. It’s probable that both the success rate…

Second-career nurses are known for their ability to interact with patients.

4 Things to Know if You’re Considering Nursing as a Second Career

Do you currently work in another field, but dream of becoming a nurse? Nursing is a career that offers fulfillment hard to find in many other jobs. And, it’s an in-demand profession, with the need for qualified nurses continuing to grow. Embarking on a new career after you’ve already spent time building one can sound…

Art has a place in hospitals

The Healing Arts Includes Art

When you think of the facility you work in, you probably picture your coworkers and your patients first. You probably don’t envision the environment, specifically what pictures adorn the walls, what sculptures sit in the hallway, or the interior decoration. But take a minute to give those things a second thought. Does art have a…

Paramedic nurse checks a patient with a chest wound

Mass Shootings’ Effect on Nurses’ Mental Health

Even though mass shootings dominate public discourse, conversations about the traumatizing effects of these attacks – and more generally gun violence – on first responders like nurses are uncommon.

Nurse jumps for joy to celebrate healing power of humor

5 Continuing Education Units That You May Not Know About

Are you currently short a couple of continuing education units? As you know, states require nurses to take a certain number of CEUs to renew their nursing licenses. Many CEU programs understandably revolve around serious medical topics, however, some programs take a different approach to developing more complete nurses. For example, nurses can currently enroll…

Full practice authority for Nurse Practitioners

Full Practice Authority for NPs May Increase Access to Health Care

Despite recent efforts to increase access and quality of health care to those in a variety of underserved communities, many individuals still lack the necessary facilities and medical professionals required to address their needs. Veteran Affairs clinics remain understaffed, and individuals in rural areas must travel hours to receive basic care. More than 58 million…

School nurse

So You Want to be a School Nurse?

This year, the Academy of American Pediatrics released a new recommendation that every K-12 school have at least one full-time nurse on staff. Why the change? Traditionally, school nurses have been shown to decrease absenteeism by helping to keep the student body healthy. That’s still true, but the need has grown, with more and more…

Patient handoff

From One Nurse to Another – Better Handoffs are Long Overdue

It’s no secret handoffs are dangerous. It’s impossible for the same nurse or doctor to remain with a patient around the clock, and handing care from one professional to another is a must. But the very nature of handoffs makes them dangerous. Busy providers mean that communication can be poor, and information incomplete. Medical professionals…

Google's common cold symptom checker

Will Symptom Checkers Change Nurse-Patient Dialogue?

We’ve all been there, and your patients are no exception: You wake up with a weird-sounding cough or a strange headache that won’t go away. Your first response probably isn’t a call to your doctor’s office. Instead, you’d Google it. Searching online for treatment options provides a certain excitement, but we also know symptom checkers…

DIY medical testing

As DIY Tests Become More Common, Nurses Have New Roles to Play

The last few years have seen a significant rise in the number of Americans looking for ways to take control of their health and medical information. Direct-to-consumer laboratory, or DIY, tests represent one of the most controversial and flourishing industries in this upheaval, and pose a challenge to working nurses and other health care professionals….

Hand exercises help rebuild strength.

Losing Your Grip? How Nurses Can Rebuild Hand Strength

As we all know, technology continues to play an important role in the world of health care. More treatment options exist for diseases than ever before, and we can now access all our vital health information — from sleeping patterns to nutrition and workout patterns — in the palm of our hand. But all that…

Summer camp activities

Nurses Head to Camp

Camp – it’s not just for kids. If the idea of a short (think a few weeks to a few months) gig appeals, consider rethinking how you spend the summer. Camps have nurses on staff so they have a health professional ready to handle any medical issue that arises. Camp nurses have unique and integral…

Nursing Podcasts

7 Nursing Podcasts for the Busy Nurse

Podcasts are a great way to get all the information and updates related to the health care field without having to take the time out of your busy careers to sit and read a newspaper or an article. We have provided seven nursing podcasts to tune into during breaks, in between shifts, after or before work!…

Bilingual Nurses in High Demand

Bilingual Nurses’ Skills Begin to Matter

Ability to speak a foreign language can help a nurse do a better job. That skill, however, is much less likely to help a nurse get a better job. But that may be changing. Language barriers and cultural differences can be a matter of life and death in health care, as studies and postmortems alike…