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The Top 10 Nursing Blogs

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Best nursing blogsAs a busy nurse, your reading time is limited…we get it. That’s why we searched the Internet for the best current blogs about nursing and compiled them into one list. Here are our top 10:

1. Best All-Around Registered Nurse Blog

Nurse Eye Roll, http://www.nurseeyeroll.com/
Tagline: Humor, Honesty, Nursey Shenanigans
Author: Kati Kleber
What to expect: Kleber is a critical care nurse in Charlotte, North Carolina, and author of “Becoming Nursey: From Code Blues to Code Browns, How to Care for Your Patients and Yourself.” She focuses on advice for fledgling nurses, but any nurse can learn from her words of wisdom.
Why we like it: Her blog covers the reality of nursing and also shows her compassionate side with stories about her patients and the effect they have on her.

2. Best ER Nurse Blog

ER Nurse Insanity: The Texas Years, http://themountainsarecalling.blogspot.com/
Tagline: I’ve mostly moved beyond the realm of theoretically knowing how to not kill a patient. Now I’m expected to not ever accidentally kill them. And I get to take this knowledge on the road…
Author: Anonymous
What to expect: Tales from an emergency room nurse with a sense of humor and some profanity sprinkled in.
Why we like it: She’s worked at a number of hospitals, which gives her a broad perspective of the ER and of nursing in general.

3. Best ICU Blog

Perspective Is a Lovely Hand to Hold, http://lamentations44.tumblr.com/
Tagline: A look at life and death through the jaded eyes of an ICU nurse.
Author: Anonymous
What to expect: An honest look at what an ICU nurse encounters from shift to shift. She offers sound advice for fledgling critical care nurses.
Why we like it: She brings a lot of heart to her writing and describes in detail her feelings about her role and her patients.

4. Best Male Nurse Blog

Digital Doorway, http://digitaldoorway.blogspot.com/
Tagline: Career advice for savvy 21st-century nurses from holistic career coach Nurse Keith.
Author: Keith Carlson
What to expect: Career coaching advice for nurses, with an emphasis on stress management techniques. Carlson is a nurse based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, who provides holistic coaching for nurses. He is also the co-host of RN FM Radio.
Why we like it: Carlson’s blog is a nice blend of inspirational content and practical advice.

5. Best Nurse Educator Blog

Nurse Code, http://nursecode.com/
Tagline: Whatever you think or feel…you are not alone.
Author: Beth Hawkes, MSN, RN-BC, HACP
What to expect: Hawkes is a nurse educator in acute care who shares valuable advice to new (and seasoned) nurses. She also has the Ask Nurse Beth career column on allnurses.com.
Why we like it: Nurse Code is an encyclopedia of nursing information, with in-depth posts about real-world topics. Plus, there are quite a few articles with helpful tips for nurses who are job searching.

6. Best Informatics Nurse Blog

The Nerdy Nurse, http://thenerdynurse.com/
Author: Brittney Wilson, BSN, RN
What to expect: Wilson, author of “The Nerdy Nurse’s Guide to Technology,” covers everything tech that’s related to nursing. Posts include lists such as apps for nursing students and the 10 best stethoscopes for nurses, to topics such as applying mindfulness when using technology.
Why we like it: You always feel a little smarter after visiting Nerdy Nurse.

7. Best Nurse Inspiration Blog

Motivation Cafe, http://donnacardillo.com/category/motivation-cafe/
Tagline: Drop in anytime for some motivation, inspiration and conversation. We’re open 24/7 and the “specials” change every week.
Author: Donna Cardillo, aka “The Inspiration Nurse”
What to expect: Thoughtful, out-of-the-ordinary words of encouragement and motivation.
Why we like it: It’s the perfect place to visit when you need an inspirational shot in the arm.

8. Best Oncology Nurse Blog

J Paradisi RN, http://jparadisirn.com/
Tagline: Where science, humanity and art converge.
Author: Julianna Paradisi
What to expect: Paradisi is a former oncology nurse who is now an oncology nurse navigator. She writes about her transition from nurse to nurse navigator.
Why we like it: She brings her whole self to her blog, sharing her artwork and her creative pursuits along with her nursing experiences.

9. Best Nursing Student Blog

Straight A Nursing Student, http://www.straightanursingstudent.com/
Tagline: Ace your way through nursing school.
Author: Nurse Mo
What to expect: Nurse Mo is a critical care nurse living in Northern California who has a lot of practical advice for nursing students. She even includes her notes from nursing school. Posts range from how to set up a CVP line to how to make dosage calculations.
Why we like it: It’s a bonanza of information for nursing students!

10. Best Funny Nurse Blog

Gomer Blog, http://gomerblog.com/category/nursing/
Tagline: Earth’s finest medical news.
Author: Anonymous
What to expect: Tongue-in-cheek articles that make you laugh out loud.
Why we like it: Laughter is the best medicine.

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