Valuable Apps for Nurses That Will Assist You Through Your Day

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Amid their busy days, endless tasks, and numerous patients, nurses need help balancing their time efficiently. Technology provides tools to help manage day-to-day-situations. This list of 10 valuable apps for nurses, determined by relevance and popularity among the nursing community, is created specifically to aid them in all aspects of their medical profession. The topics include news, calculations, fast nursing facts, a diagnosis handbook, a list of medications, a visual reference for rashes, lab test interpretations, as well as nursing basics. These apps are meant to ease busy hospital days for nurses and give them some assistance during their nursing career.

iOS-only apps

  1. Fast Facts for Critical Care

The Fast Facts app helps nurses better identify and treat patient conditions. It allows for head-to-toe assessments of countless illnesses. This app ensures patient care with quick and efficient results and also includes medication tables to prevent errors in medication doses. iOS 5.1.1 or later. Price: $29.99

  1. MedCalc

MedCalc is an app that provides over 300 medical formulas and scales to effectively calculate medication dosages or body measurements. This app assists nurses in everyday calculations and eliminates the need for a hand calculator or paper and pen. This app has calculations for measuring electrolytes to equations for cardiology. iOS 5.1.1 or later. Price: $1.99

  1. Nurse Net

This app allows nurses to search 10,000 medical abbreviations along with relevant articles in various branches of the nursing field. Nurse Net can effectively search for a variety of up-to-date information, saving nurses important time. iOS 4.3 or later. Price: Free

Android and iOS compatible

  1. Nursing Diagnosis Handbook: Ackley

This app helps nurses quickly discover a diagnosis and compose an effective treatment plan. Nurses can look through more than 1,300 signs and indications, medical disorders, and specific surgeries. Most importantly, accurate and immediate treatment plans are readily available to ensure patients can receive prompt care. Android 2.2 or later. iOS 4.3 or later. Price: Free

  1. Nursing Central

This app provides a list of 5,000 drugs as well as over 65,000 medical definitions to ensure that nurses know and prescribe the right medication. Nursing Central also interprets sometimes confusing lab results to get a clearer understanding of their patient’s condition. This app ensures that nurses get the critical information they need to make the best decision for their patient’s care. Android 2.2 or later. iOS 5.0 or later. Price: Free

  1. VisualDX

VisualDX allows nurses to compare in-person rashes to a reference that will more accurately diagnose skin conditions. This app has over 28,000 images to visually determine and treat infectious, genetic, and dermatologic skin irritations. It provides convenient reference to minimize time spent researching the particular skin condition. Android 1.6 or later. iOS 7.0 or later. Price: Free

  1. MedPage Today

This informative app communicates breaking news and current events related to medical professions. MedPage Today helps nurses stay up-to-date on medical topics related to their careers and everyday lives. This app is relevant to the constantly changing medical field where applicable, accurate information is paramount for patient care. Android 4.0 or later. iOS 7.0 or later. Price: Free

  1. Davis Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests

With over 400 lab tests, this app provides age, gender, and ethnic specific tests to help nurses properly diagnose patients. It includes recommendations on pretest requirements to reassure that the patient falls into the test’s categories, proper procedures during the particular lab test, as well as after-test care. This app is essential for nursing professionals as well as all others in the medical line of work. Android 2.2 or later. iOS 4.3 or later. Price: $49.99

  1. Davis Mobile: Nursing Procedure Checklists

This app provides checklists for 169 routine nursing procedures. We know that being a nurse can get busy, so with a checklist in hand, no step too small will be skipped. This app provides all the steps, ordered and ready to be completed, to hinder mistakes and ensure patient safety. Android 2.2 or later. iOS 4.3 or later. Price: $9.99

  1. Nursing Essentials

Nursing Essentials provides all the basics nurses need to know throughout their nursing careers. This app offers Spanish translations, neurological assessments, organ donation considerations, and even a note-taking option. This app will be a great reference for any of the questions you need to know whether you’re a veteran or training new nurses. Android 1.6 or later. iOS 3.0 or later. Price: $5.99 for iOS and $7.99 for Android

written by Kelsey Loncarich

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