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Second-career nurses are known for their ability to interact with patients.

4 Things to Know if You’re Considering Nursing as a Second Career

Do you currently work in another field, but dream of becoming a nurse? Nursing is a career that offers fulfillment hard to find in many other jobs. And, it’s an in-demand profession, with the need for qualified nurses continuing to grow. Embarking on a new career after you’ve already spent time building one can sound…

Nurse jumps for joy to celebrate healing power of humor

5 Continuing Education Units That You May Not Know About

Are you currently short a couple of continuing education units? As you know, states require nurses to take a certain number of CEUs to renew their nursing licenses. Many CEU programs understandably revolve around serious medical topics, however, some programs take a different approach to developing more complete nurses. For example, nurses can currently enroll…

School nurse

So You Want to be a School Nurse?

This year, the Academy of American Pediatrics released a new recommendation that every K-12 school have at least one full-time nurse on staff. Why the change? Traditionally, school nurses have been shown to decrease absenteeism by helping to keep the student body healthy. That’s still true, but the need has grown, with more and more…

Summer camp activities

Nurses Head to Camp

Camp – it’s not just for kids. If the idea of a short (think a few weeks to a few months) gig appeals, consider rethinking how you spend the summer. Camps have nurses on staff so they have a health professional ready to handle any medical issue that arises. Camp nurses have unique and integral…

Nursing careers in the military

Helping Those Who Serve: Working as a Military Nurse or a Nurse in Veterans Affairs

Would you like to put your nursing skills to work helping U.S. soldiers and veterans? If so, it’s important to do your research. For starters, these nursing fields are different in two key ways: Military nurses are soldiers in a division of the U.S. Military (Army, Navy, Air Force, etc.). You’ll have to go through…

Prepare for Nursing Conferences

Headed to Your First Conference? Here’s What to Expect

Conferences for nurses range from small to very big, and in focus. Some feature small, specialized seminars, while others are larger and include speakers on topics that affect the profession on a wide scale. And many emphasize specific areas of nursing, providing an opportunity to meet and learn from others doing the exact same kind…

Mentorship in Nursing

Nurses: What Can a Mentor Do for You?

Whether you’re a seasoned nurse or new to the field, finding a mentor is a great idea. Why? Mentors can provide career boosts and knowledge that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. They can help you through rough patches, too. Mentorship is more important in nursing today than ever before. It’s been shown that mentorships…

Alternative Careers for Nurses

5 Alternative Careers for Clinical Nurses

While bedside nursing has its benefits, after a while many nurses decide to leave the profession. Factors leading to this decision may include short-staffing, bullying or lack of upward mobility. But before leaving your nursing knowledge and expertise completely behind, consider some attractive alternative careers: Insurance nurse Nurse recruiter Informatics nurse Medical writer Patient educator…

More nurses are going back to graduate school.

Nurses: Thinking About Grad School? Read This First.

If you’ve ever considered heading back to school for a higher degree in nursing, there’s no better time than the present. It’s easier than ever to make advanced education fit into your life. And current trends show that an advanced nursing degree can boost your income level even more than you may think. More and…

Travel Nursing

The Lure of Travel Nursing

Chances are you’re hearing more and more about travel nursing. Mobile health providers aren’t a new phenomenon — there are plenty of examples, from field nurses and physicians in wartime to nongovernmental or nonprofit agencies that bring health care to underserved areas. Demand for travel nurses But travel nursing has really soared in recent years….

Masters Degree in Nursing Informatics

Tech Savvy? Consider a Career in Informatics Nursing

If you think you have what it takes to be a nursing informatics specialist, you probably do. An experienced nurse who has been a computer superuser on the job is probably already eyed by management as a potential informaticist. Health care facilities have been heavily dependent on digital technology for some time now, increasingly as…

Nurse Educator

How to Get a Nurse Educator Job

Alleviating a shortage of nurse educators is one of the highest-priority human resources goals in the health care industry. The shortage of nurse educators is a leading cause of the shortage of nurses overall because schools short of teachers are turning away thousands of qualified applicants. So there’s good reason for a seasoned nurse to…

Nurse shaking hands

Savvy Negotiating Might Help Nurses Bridge Gender Salary Gap

With American women’s salaries still barely 75 percent what men make in comparable jobs, even female nurses, who represent 93 percent of the profession, are still making more than $5,000 per year less than male nurses, according to a recent report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Theories and opinions about the…

Take Two: Nurse Educator as an Encore Career

When nurses reach middle age, they become more reflective and reevaluate their career choices. While they still love helping people, many nurses suffer from emotional burnout. Others are physically injured and can no longer be a bedside nurse. One of the encore careers they gravitate toward is nurse educator. Most nurse educators are over 45 years old. Sixty-three percent…

Networking Tips for Busy Nurses

In today’s job landscape, no career is immune to downsizing, not even nursing. Yet at the end of a 12-hour shift, the last thing any nurse wants to do is go out and network. Fortunately, there are more creative ways to connect with other nurses that don’t require too much effort. We spoke with Keith…

Diabetes Educator: A Rewarding Career

Diabetes educators can play a significant role in the lives of patients by helping them manage their diabetes, adopt a healthier lifestyle and stave off any further complications.

Donna Cardillo

Where the Jobs Are: Nursing Career Expert Donna Cardillo Looks at the Market

Ever considered working as a nurse on a cruise ship? That’s just one of the unusual career options for nurses. We spoke with Donna Cardillo, RN, CSP, also known as the Inspiration Nurse, who says traditional nursing is in part going by the wayside, but there are many new opportunities opening up. “Nursing is the…