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Nurse manager succession planning

For Nurse Managers, It’s Time to Embrace Succession Planning

It’s probable that one-third of today’s nurses will be leaving the profession in the next 10 years and probable that a much higher percentage of nurse managers will be vacating their jobs. With more than 500,000 additional nursing jobs in the forecast and 1.5 million or more vacancies expected to be filled, a staggering number…

Retention programs help new graduate nurses

Retention Strategies Focus on Improving Welcome for New Graduate Nurses

New nurses go through hell, and seasoned nurses burn out. Maybe it doesn’t have to be that way. Nurses’ departures are very costly both monetarily and spiritually. Thus, there’s an increasing onus on nurse managers to formulate programs and policies to promote nurse retention. It costs more not to. Cost of nurse turnover Nurses’ departures…

More nurses are needed on hospital boards.

A Call for More Nurses on Hospital Boards of Directors

Have you ever considered serving on a hospital’s board of directors? The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is encouraging nurse leaders to step up to the boardroom and serve. Standing behind its word, the foundation has an initiative to add 10,000 nurses to hospital and health care-related boards by 2020. Sue Hassmiller, a senior advisor for…