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Nurse Managers Embrace Soft Skills for Better Outcomes

Management and leadership skills have evolved from broad-shouldered to broader concepts. In the old days, only alpha-male types needed to apply to be managers. The more iron-handed the leader, the higher was his place in the hierarchy. But today the manager with the hardest heart is rapidly being eclipsed by the manager with the best…

Nurse manager succession planning

For Nurse Managers, It’s Time to Embrace Succession Planning

It’s probable that one-third of today’s nurses will be leaving the profession in the next 10 years and probable that a much higher percentage of nurse managers will be vacating their jobs. With more than 500,000 additional nursing jobs in the forecast and 1.5 million or more vacancies expected to be filled, a staggering number…

Managing millennial nurses

The Future of Nursing Is in Their Hands: Managing Millennial Nurses

A lot has been said about the less-savory characteristics of millennial workers. They’re entitled. They need constant praise and promotion. They don’t have patience. But consider those same traits with a different lens. Those high-maintenance attributes they’re known for may have big silver linings and may actually be the reason they’re high performing.

Tips for hiring the best nurses

How a Nurse Manager Can Recruit Elite Talent and Avoid Bad Hires

A bad hire is worse than no hire at all, most managers and workers agree. Human resources experts advocate “cutting your losses” if you make a bad hire, which means firing the newcomer as soon as possible. There is no upside. It’s a far more subtle challenge to make a truly good hire. The challenge…

Retention programs help new graduate nurses

Retention Strategies Focus on Improving Welcome for New Graduate Nurses

New nurses go through hell, and seasoned nurses burn out. Maybe it doesn’t have to be that way. Nurses’ departures are very costly both monetarily and spiritually. Thus, there’s an increasing onus on nurse managers to formulate programs and policies to promote nurse retention. It costs more not to. Cost of nurse turnover Nurses’ departures…

More nurses are needed on hospital boards.

A Call for More Nurses on Hospital Boards of Directors

Have you ever considered serving on a hospital’s board of directors? The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is encouraging nurse leaders to step up to the boardroom and serve. Standing behind its word, the foundation has an initiative to add 10,000 nurses to hospital and health care-related boards by 2020. Sue Hassmiller, a senior advisor for…

8 Time-Saving Tips for Online Nursing Students

When you’re working and going to school, you need to maximize your efficiency to the fullest extent possible. Every minute matters. So, to help you make the most of your precious time, we’ve compiled some tips to help you be a more productive student. Review how you use your time. Write down everything you do…

More nurses are needed on hospital boards.

The Critical Need for Leadership in Nursing

Leadership is an imperative in today’s health care environment. Nursing leadership is needed at every level and across all settings, a 2010 study by the Robert Wood Foundation concluded. The study called for a “style of leadership that involves working with others as full partners in a context of mutual respect and collaboration.” And like…

Juggling a Nursing Career and Private Life Can Be Done

Working full time, a nurse dedicates about 30 percent of each week to the job. Somehow the other 70 percent of the week — time dedicated to home life, sleep and recreation — tends to get short-changed. That can shorten a nurse’s career. Neglecting family and personal well-being does not make a nurse more valuable…

3 Traits That Make Nurses Good Leaders

Leadership in nursing is about integrating a professional’s values, communication skills, and nursing abilities into behaviors that benefit the patient and peer interactions. One can have outstanding leadership skills without ever assuming a management role. Even in nursing, there is a debate about leadership versus management, but it is safe to say that there are…

Nursing study tips

6 Tips for Working Nurses Taking Online Graduate Classes

Let’s get this out of the way first: Every nurse pursuing a graduate degree will have a silly “gloves in the freezer” moment, says Deborah Zbegner, the dean of the Passan School of Nursing at Wilkes University. Nurses balancing work, school, and family life should anticipate – and learn to embrace – these kinds of…

Nursing Leaders: How to Apply the 4 Components of Transformational Leadership

The most effective nurses thrive under strong leadership from their nursing leaders, managers or supervisors. It’s no surprise, then, that the management style and overall morale set by the nursing leader directly correlates with attitudes and outcomes of the nursing staff. Leadership styles, however, are as varied as the leaders who embody them. And, though…

Servant Leadership Improves the Delivery of Nursing Practice and Health Care

Nursing is often considered the “caring” profession; nurses truly serve their patients as well as their employers in some capacity. One of the best ways to improve the delivery of nursing practice and health care is for a nursing leader or manager to demonstrate the servant leadership model of nursing to his or her staff….